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Jay Shideler Junior High School
Topeka, Kansas
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Jay Shideler Junior High School
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Kansas, Topeka
Alternative High SchoolAssumption School
Avondale East Elementary SchoolAvondale West Elementary School
Belvoir Elementary SchoolBoswell Junior High School
Branner Elementary School
Cair Paravel-Latin SchoolCapital City School
Capper Foundation for Crippled Children SchoolCapper Junior High School
Central Park Elementary SchoolChase Middle School
Christ the King SchoolClay Elementary School
Clay Kindergarden SchoolCornerstone Family School
Crane Junior High SchoolCrestview Elementary School
Curtis Junior High School
Dawson Elementary School
East Indianola Elementary SchoolEast Topeka Junior High School
Eisenhower Middle SchoolElmont Elementary School
Faith Baptist Christian SchoolFaith Christian Learning Centre
Forbes Air Force Base Elementary SchoolFrench Middle School
Gage Elementary SchoolGarfield Elementary School
Golden Rule District School 54Grant Elementary School
Hayden High SchoolHighland Park Central Elementary School
Highland Park High SchoolHighland Park Junior High School
Highland Park North Elementary SchoolHighland Park South Elementary School
Holliday Junior High SchoolHoly Name School
Hope Street Charter AcademyHope Street Charter Academy Middle School
Hudson Elementary School
Indian Creek Elementary SchoolIndian Hills Elementary School
Jardine Middle SchoolJay Shideler Elementary School
Jay Shideler Junior High SchoolJohn H. Lynn School
Kaw Valley Vocational SchoolKnollwood Baptist High School
Lafayette Elementary SchoolLandon Junior High School
Landon Middle SchoolLawrence Gardner High School
Lincoln Elementary SchoolLinn Elementary School
Logan Junior High SchoolLowman Hill Elementary School
Lundgren Elementary SchoolLyman Elementary School
Marjorie French Middle SchoolMaude Bishop Elementary School
McCarter Elementary SchoolMcClure Elementary School
McEachron Elementary SchoolMeadows Elementary School
Monroe Elementary SchoolMost Pure Heart of Mary School
North Fairview Elementary SchoolNorthern Hills Junior High School
Oakland Elementary SchoolOur Lady of Guadalupe School
Parkdale Elementary SchoolPauline Central Primary School
Pauline East Elementary SchoolPauline South Elementary School
Pleasant Hill Elementary SchoolPolk Elementary School
Potwin Elementary School
Quincy Elementary SchoolQuinton Heights Elementary School
Randolph Elementary SchoolRice Elementary School
Robinson Middle SchoolRochester Elementary School
Roosevelt Junior High SchoolRoss Elementary School
Sacred Heart SchoolSaint Matthew School
Scott Computer Technology Magnet Elementary SchoolSeabrook Grade School
Seaman High SchoolShaner Elementary School
Shawnee Heights Elementary SchoolShawnee Heights Junior High School
Sheldon Elementary SchoolSmithville Middle School
Southard SchoolSouthwest Avondale Junior High School
St. Josephs SchoolState Street Elementary School
Stout Elementary SchoolSumner Elementary School
Sunny Elevation Grade School
Tinker Elementary SchoolTopeka Christian Academy
Topeka Collegiate SchoolTopeka High School
Topeka Lutheran High SchoolTopeka Lutheran School
Topeka Seventh Day Adventist SchoolTopeka West High School
Van Buren Grade School
Wanamaker Elementary SchoolWashburn Rural High School
Washburn Rural Middle SchoolWashington Elementary School
West Indianola Elementary SchoolWhitson Elementary School
Williams Science and Fine Arts Elementary School

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